Bachelor in Accounting and Finance

BAF stands for Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, which is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of accounting and finance-related subjects. BAF is a three-year program that is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of accounting, finance, taxation, and related areas. It is divided into FYBAF, SYBAF and TYBAF. The curriculum of the program includes subjects like Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Income Tax, Auditing, and Financial Management, among others. BAF is an industry-focused program that provides students with the skills and knowledge required to pursue careers in the fields of finance, accounting, and related areas. Graduates of a BAF program can work as accountants, auditors, financial analysts, and tax consultants, or pursue higher education by enrolling in postgraduate programs like M.Com or MBA. BAF is a popular program among students who aspire to have a career in the finance or accounting sectors. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of financial concepts and practices, which prepares students to work in various organizations and industries.